Food & Beverage Experiences



Four x Four Dinner


Taking place at the Royal Harbour Brasserie,   

“Four x Four”; is an opportunity to sample various “signature” dishes, created for the evening by some of the most noteworthy chefs in the area.

Adrian Mowl

The Royal Harbour Brasserie


Bruce Stratford



Marc Campos

Marc Pierre’s Kitchen


Jessica Leah

Jessica Leah Catering



Each dish is designed to celebrate local produce

and will be paired with a Kent beverage by

Clive Barlow MW



In the Dark

7pm Saturday 19th March

​Hosted by Clive Barlow MW, Chef Bruce Stratford.


Taking place in a beautiful Ramsgate home, guests will be treated to three site-specific experiences, all designed to take place in the dark or by wearing a blindfold. 


Come and tantalize your senses with a dining experience in a chalk tunnel, a blind wine tasting conducted by  Johnathan Piggins Founder Corkk Ltd, as well as an immersive sonic adventure.

Marc Pierre.jpg


Dredgerman's Breakfast Marc-Pierre's Kitchen

As part of Ramsgate Through The Senses and using locally sourced seafood (caught by his own fisherman), Marc-Pierre is reviving a Sunday morning Dredgerman's breakfast; bacon, eggs and pan fried oysters on toast.

Available only on Sunday 20th March from 9am - 11.30am you can enjoy a delicious meal whilst taking in the view of Ramsgate's Royal Harbour Marina.  

Places are limited and subject to availability. 


Please book directly with the restaurant