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Sea Shanties and Pirate Tales 

The Snottledogs 


Bindlestick Theatre Company

Join Curly McCutlass on an adventure to reclaim her treasure and become a part of her motley crew. 


Fight enemy pirates and learn sea shanties, the pirate code and go on a treasure hunt for gold! 


This is going to be an EPIC adventure full of swashbuckling fun!

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The Snottledogs and Friends

The Snottledogs 

Saturday 19th March




Born out of a love for performing uplifting, accessible and rollicking good songs, The Snottledogs will bring a mix of hullabaloo and music for all ages to enjoy.


The band will be joined by some of their favourite musical friends.

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Microscopic Explorations
of Ramsgate Beach

Microscopic explorations of Ramsgate


Join the artists, Louise Beer + John Hooper for a walk along Ramsgate beach collecting organic objects like stones, shells, seaweed, crab carapaces, fossils etc, as well as debris that the high tide has brought ashore.


You will be encouraged to explore the objects through touch, smell and vision and to think about why you wanted to collect them.  Each object will be further explored using a digital moving image microscope.                                                               


You will be able to take home a selection of printed images of the objects you have selected.


Places limited to 10 guests

Dress for the weather!

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Saturday 19th March

Treat yours to a massage in a stunning private location from where you can smell, see and hear the waves on Ramsgate Beach below.

With over 15 years working in the spa industry, Georgia Brown is an experienced and intuitive therapist.  As part of Ramsgate Through the Senses Festival, she will be offering bespoke massage treatments that target tension in the body and quieten the mind. 


Each treatment is tailored to the individual's needs and is accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack and wonderful scents to help you switch off, relax and unwind. 


She will be offering 30 or 60min sessions, please contact her directly to book by emailing

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Educational Foraging Walk

Educational foraging walk with Nick Robinson


Come and discover the coastal flavours of Ramsgate with Nick Robinson, a highly experienced local forager who is passionate about food and ethical, sustainable harvesting.

He will guide you on a Spring Sunday afternoon walk along the Kent seashore, tasting and learning about wild edible spring plants.


Nick will then invite you to share what he has prepared and cooked on a stove in the back of his Land Rover.

A donation to the Kent Wildlife Trust will be made from each ticket purchased for this event.

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Gong Bath

Educational foraging walk with Nick Robinson


Sunday 20th March

Join Bettina Ji for an hour of a deeply relaxing and renewing experience through the sound of the Gongs. A Gong Bath is like a guided meditation of sound and vibration. It calms the mind and reharmonises the entire body system - emotionally and physiologically. Sound is heard not only through our ears, but thought every cell in our bodies bringing in a deep sense of peace and rest.


There is no water involved, nor clothes removed. You only have to let go and let the sound of the gongs do the work. 


You will be lying on the floor. Dress comfortably and bring a mat, blankets and pillow; if you like an eye cover to completely relax. It is important that you feel warm so that you can immerse yourself into this unique experience.

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Treasure Hunt and Cooking Demonstration

Newington Community Treasure Hunt


Sunday 20th March

Addressing the issue of cooking on a limited budget, Mike Spackman, former BBC Food & Farming Awards Cook of the Year and currently Big Local's community chef in Newington, has created a workshop and food themed treasure hunt for families.


To be held at Newington Green Community Centre.

For more about Mike's work and renewington please visit

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Reiki Healing Meditation


“The Secret Art of Inviting Happiness’

Sunday 20th March

Reiki treatment encourages physical, mental and emotional healing as well as spiritual growth.  It was described by its founder  Mikao Usui, as ‘The Secret Art of Inviting Happiness’.


Guided meditation followed by peaceful healing time, while music or nature sounds are played.


No meditation experience required, each person will have a unique experience of the Reiki healing energy  as they relax.


Please bring a blanket and cushion to help with comfort and a notebook or paper and pen to record experiences.  There will be an opportunity to share experiences afterwards but no obligation to talk or share.

2 sessions available:

10.00 - 11.15am

12.00 - 1.15pm 

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Making Sense of Smell

Retro Nasal Smell Workshop


Kate de Syllas is owner and Head Chef at

Hantverk & Found. 


Prior to moving to the Kent coast she oversaw food projects at the brain injury survivor charity Headway East London


Kate’s session will explore retronasal smell through a short talk and a series of fun, hands on experiments that look to show how much retronasal olfaction affects our perception of food and surroundings. It  will also begin to touch on how we can train ourselves to better experience our olfactory world. 

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Shaking it Off

Retro Nasal Smell Workshop

Sunday 20th March

Five senses? Let's discover eight while exploring TRE (Tension Releasing Exercises) – a unique stress management tool.

Join Sylvia Tillmann on this course and you'll learn how you can:

  • take your health and well-being into your own hands, well body

  • nip many tension related ailments (headaches, back pain, anxiety) in the bud

  • become more resilient and calm

  • give your constantly busy mind a rest and let the body do the work

  • return to a state of balance by simply – and literally – shaking it off!  


To book your place, please get in touch

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Guided Detectorist Walk

Retro Nasal Smell Workshop


Sunday 20th March

Curious about becoming a detectorist? Sylvie Bolioli, Founder of Ramsgate's International Film & TV Festival and keen detectorist, will take you on a guided walk on Ramsgate Main Sands.


She'll give you tips on what to listen for and how to be a responsible detectorist.


No experience necessary just come dressed for the weather that day!

6 places available. Meet at Ramsgate Tunnels.

Tickets include a cuppa at the Ramsgate Tunnels cafe after the walk

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